Who is Bongo?

Bongo is a puppy who found a way to our home on 13th of November 2013. He is a mixed breed dog. His mother is a shepherd-something mix, but we are not really sure about his father. All we know is that he is a big dog, so Bongo will grow big for sure. You can see how different he is than his brother and mother on the picture below. Bongo was born on a farm and was living outdoors before he came to our house. I am really happy that he found a cosy home before the winter and I hope he is happy to.

Bongo with his mother and brother

As I said, Bongo is a big puppy! When he came to our house at 8 weeks he already weighted 7.5kg (16.5 pounds). He is very intelligent, he learned a few tricks in the first week with us (sit, lay, paw etc.) We really love him and can't wait to see how he will look like when he grows old :)

The first day at a new home

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