Play time :)

Bongo is a very active dog.

I take a him on a walk at least 3 times a day (one walk lasts half hour or more), but this is not enough for him. He needs an active walk, that includes obedience, play time, fetching toys and catching snowballs (in the winter time:P).

This is the reason why I need a lot of equipment when we go out - food, toys, 10m leash and a lot of energy :) I really do not want to bore him :)

Play time :))

Recall with a little help of snow

The bad thing of the winter walks is the dirt. The roads are wet and dirty and you can imagine how Bongo (a dog with white belly and paws) looks like after an one hour walk :) 

Bongo likes winter, but I am waiting for spring and sun, when I will not have to wear half of my clothes to stay warm outside. :)  

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