First time attending dog school

Why do I have to wake up so early?

We decided to take Bongo to dog school because we made some mistakes in his training when he was a little pup. He loves his dog friends, but he does not really like all the other dogs that he does not know. Because of that we decided for individual training, after that he will join the group with more dogs.

I can not tell you how much he has improved from the first school session. We were thought how to calm him and ourselves down and in three weeks he improved so much, that he could calmly walk around 5-6 (!!) dogs that were standing on the road. Here I have to mention, that these other dogs are well trained and because of that they do not provoke Bongo - this helps him in a great manner, in that way he can see that nobody will hurt him and he can calm down and follow his leader.

I can not wait to see how he well become an even more amazing dog with proper training. :)

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No more pulling :)

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