Is orange juice good for dogs?

I drink freshly squeezed orange juice every morning and Bongo is always watching me when I am making it. Today I decided to give him the juice, so he can try it. He likes it very much as almost all the other fruit and because of that I had to check out if the juice is good for him.

Fresh water is the best drink for a dog
Rezultat iskanja slik za dog with orangeI found out that dogs nutritional requirements are different than ours and because of that orange juice does not boost their immune system or make it work any better. Although Bongo likes orange juice very much, he can get it only in small quantities every once a while. Here is the reason why:

Whole juice is not as good as fresh water. Dogs can drink fresh fruit juice in small quantities including apple juice and orange juice. Any fruit juice for a dog should be free of added sugar, artificial colors, or other ingredients. It would be a much better idea to give your dog a piece of fresh apple than to risk a juice that isn't really just juice. Even too much fresh juice can put too much sugar into your dog's diet. Most high quality dog foods already contain some fruit for your dog's best nutrition (Vetinfo webpage).

It is important that a dog has plenty of fresh water and quality food that contain everything a dog needs for its best nutrition. If you offer your dog fruit or squeezed juice, make sure it is 100% natural without any additives. And keep in mind that the best thing you can offer your dog for a drink is fresh filtered, boiled or bottled water in a clean dish.


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