Showing our improvement ❀

Dog school again! We were in Ljubljana on Wednesday and Thursday. We joined three different groups of dogs and it is obvious how much Bongo has improved in the last month. I am so happy☺

As i mentioned before, Bongo is not as any other dog. He is scared of other dogs, because of his bad experience in the past. We are slowly working on that issue and the results are seen below: 

I think I like this one

I am really proud of him. Yesterday he was doing so well, he even tried to sniff some other dogs.

Would you believe me if I told you that Bongo could not even stand near other dogs two months ago? He was panicking, refusing to eat or doing any tricks because he was so stressed. Look at him now! The below picture was taken yesterday, he was involved in some obedience training because he can control himself so much, that he can lay down with other dogs!! You can even see his happy face ☺

The thing that really helps him is that all the dogs in dog school (and people too) leave him alone if he do not want to interact with them. He has improved so much, that he is not scared of all the people anymore and can also take treats from them! Yesterday he smelled some delicious cheese from his schoolmate owner's treat bag and he immediately got some! Who could say no to that cute face? ☺

Group 1: Mature dogs.

Group 2: Puppies and some mature dogs.

Group 3: Young dogs.

Can't wait on Monday, when we have school again!  


  1. Great job Bongo! <3 You know I like your doggy blog, so I nominated you and Bongo for the Liebster Award. Check it out: