Our first walk in Ljubljana

Yesterday we had our first dog walk with a lot of dogs, that was arranged by our dog school. We were in Ljubljana and I have to say that Bongo was behaving really well. It was also nice to see some sun in Ljubljana, because it really cheers everything up. The meeting point was Tivoli City Park, which has accessible and fairly cheap parking. The price for one hour is € 0,60 and I think the price is quite acceptable for Ljubljana. The Park itself is very beautiful, with lots of green spaces for walking around with your dog and enjoying in the nature in the middle of our country's capital.

Meeting co-walkers :)

The group was quite big, I would say around 15-20 dogs and their owners. From puppies to older dogs, from small dogs to big dogs, from pure-breed to mixed breed.  A real attraction for all the people who passed by, everyone was admiring a big group of well behaved dogs of all kinds and sizes in the crowded city centre.

Our final stop was PreŇ°eren Square, where we had a drink. The dogs got their water and some treats and the owners their own drinks. I bet that not all the people who passed by the cafe noticed the dogs, that were quietly and calmly sitting or lying next to the table of their owners. After we enjoyed our drinks, we went back to the Tivoli City Park, where we parked our car. We enjoyed the city walk very much and hope to do it again soon!

And this is the result after the walk in the big city... A tired and a happy dog.

Have a nice day and take care of your dog!

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