1 year and 8 months

Bongo is 1 year and 8 months old today. Yesterday has been exactly 1 and a half year since he came to our home. Bongo weights 33 kg and measures 68 cm in height (I hope I measured right). When he was a little puppy I could not imagine cuter and more adorable dog, but look at him now! Maybe only I see him in that way, because he is my dog, but for me he is the most beautiful dog in the world! His beautiful eyes and face and the most beautiful and soft fur I have ever touched. Not to mention his character, that is really special. He can be the most lazy dog in the morning and a complete fool running around in the afternoon. Gentle and caring when he wants to be and really energetic when it is time to play or work. If you are a dog owner I do not have to say that a dog waking you up is the best thing in the world! When Bongo wakes me up with his positive and loving energy, I feel happy. I thank everyday for having him in my life, because he is the best dog I could ever wish for!


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