Dog School in the ZOO

I was always thinking if we will be able to go to the ZOO together, we can go anywhere I can imagine. And now it happened, we went to the Ljubljana ZOO with our dog School Bajka. Bongo was a little scared because of all the smells and animals, but he was handling it real well. I am so proud! :)
Farm animals
Who is Bongo looking at?
The Bear
Very cute Red Panda looking at us
Bongo with a happy face :)
Very curious Capybara.
Capybara and the Duck
Bongo and Luna
Bongo and a puppy german shepherd dog. Sorry, I don't know his name :(
In the Bar taking some rest
Special guests at the bar
After the drink in the bar we went to visit more animals. Bongo did not notice the big cats that were looking at him all the time.

Bongo and the Leopard
Bongo and the Leopard in the background
The Close-up behind Bongo
Bongo and the Zebra.
The Sea Lion
And the video captured by our dog school Bajka:


It was a nice Wednesday afternoon and we are sure we are going to visit the ZOO again soon! :)

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