❀ Monday in Arboretum ❀

Another fun day in our dog school Bajka! We went to visit Volčji Potok Arboretum, which is the most visited horticultural facility in Slovenia! It offers 80 hectares of grounds that are occupied with many trees, shrubs and beautiful flowers! And the best thing about it - dogs are allowed in, so there is no need to leave your dog at home to go visit the colorful spring flower show. HERE is the link to the Arboretum's website, if you want to know more about it.

This is how our every ride starts: Bongo sitting in the back of the car and looking forward to the trip. With every ride the standing lasts less time. After a few minutes he lays down in his bed, which we can fit in the back of our car. He really likes that, because it makes his traveling way more comfortable :)

In Arboretum, with a lot of dogs, all sizes and breeds :)

We also went on a drink to the Arboretum's bar. Bongo was behaving good, it is obvious how much he has improved from his first walk with so many dogs. I can say that he is like any other normal dog now. He can be around unknown people, dogs and children and stay calm. 

After the drink we went on another walk around the Arboretum.

Sniffing the amazingly green grass and some really beautiful flowers in the background. The whole plant collection is designed as a landscape park that offers peaceful and aesthetic scenery.

Have a nice day and try to be happy as Bongo! :)


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