Lake Gradišče

Last Wednesday we visited Lake Gradišče. The lake was artificially built close to the village Gradišče that is located in municipality Lukovica. The recreational trail around the lake that is approximately 4.2 km long is perfect for walks in the nature. Even better if you have a dog to accompany you! :)

Watching the swans that are guarding the lake...

The meadows that are located by the lake offer a great place for dogs to enjoy in play time. We were at the lake with our dog school Bajka and Bongo had a lot of friends to play with :) 

We liked the trail around the lake, so I am sure we are going to visit Lake Gradišče again!

Below is also the video filmed by our dog school Bajka. Unfortunately you will not see Bongo swimming as he did not want to go to the water :) As you wish Bongo!


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