Happy 2nd Birthday My Big Boy!

I can't believe how fast the time is passing by... Our big boy Bongo is celebrating his 2nd birthday today! 

It was just a while ago, when he was a little pup and now he is all grown up! This was a very interesting year for him... 

First time attending dog school, where we made so much progress that I still hardly believe it. It helped us to achieve one thing that matters the most to me - that we can go ANYWHERE together. And this is all I ever wanted from my dog. We went to a lot of different trips this year, we visited some lakes, mountains, rivers and many other places. We also went to the zoo, the arboretum and Bongo's first Reggae Festival, that lasted almost a week! It was an interesting year and I can't say anything else but: Bongo, to many many more happy years!

Bongo was behaving so good lately, that he deserved some play time off-leash today! As I said before, we are really improving in all ways...

And what a better day than a birthday to meet a new friend? This is Tosh, Bongo's new friend. Bongo accepted him so well, he was so gentle.

Please play with me :)

Bongo we both love you so much and we wish you everything good in your life! And thank you for making our life whole 

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