Lake Bohinj in the Warm December

Today was a road trip day! Firstly we wanted to visit the lake Bled, but it was so crowded, that we decided to drive a little further to the beautiful glacial lake Bohinj that is more dog friendly. Lake Bohinj is the largest lake of its kind in Slovenia, it is 4.2 km long, 1 km wide and 45 meters deep. In the winter lake often freezes, but this has not happened in this winter yet as it is very warm! Bongo wanted to wet his paws a little bit and we let him do it but only because he is afraid of the water otherwise :)
Our beautiful boy:

On the road around the lake:
Bohinj's mountains and Bongo:
Bongo knows how to enjoy in the amazing views :)
The lake Bohinj and its surrounding mountains in all its beauty:

Have a nice day and spend the holidays with the ones special to you!

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