Let the Sea...

...set you Free!

We love the seaside but we do not visit it very often... It is not so far away, but our small part of the sea is usually pretty crowded in the summer, not to mention that almost all the beaches prohibit dogs. Oh and besides that Bongo is not really fond of water - he likes to get his paws wet a little bit, but he doesn't like to swim :) So it is not the best idea to visit the seaside with him in the hot days. 

But the warm spring days that just stated, are amazing for us! Bongo can enjoy in the not-so-crowded place, he can sniff around the beach and enjoy in the things that he loves the most - hanging out with us and watching the beautiful surroundings. He also loves when the wind is blowing through his hair as he can enjoy in all amazing smells that are coming from the sea! You should see his face when he smelled the sea for the first time, but I didn't get a photo as we were in the car at that time! 

To not abandon our training on a road-trip day, we also went on a walk to a crowded promenade (a lot of people, dogs, children etc.) and Bongo handled it really well, like a good behaved pup! When we came back to the car he just lay to his bed in the back and fell asleep! He was sleeping the whole way to Ljubljana, where we went to a store together and he was behaving very well again! When we came home at the evening he was so exhausted he went to our bed straight away and did not move till the morning (not really comfy for the other part of the family:)). I guess the sea air is good for him and we will have to drive to the seaside more often!

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