Sunday at the Soča River

We love the beauties of our country and so does Bongo. It was a beautiful Sunday and we decided to take a little trip to visit some of our favorite places on earth. The first two pictures you see were taken at the amazing Soča Gorge. The beautiful emerald color of the water is real, but don't let it fool you - it is very cold, but it is worth it because it is also very clean and gorgeous. Something to really rest your eyes on.

Bongo is starting to behave like a really well behaved dog... almost a year ago he was scared of almost everything but this has completely changed in every way. He overcome his very big fear of water, he can climb big rocks with pleasure and we can walk over a footbridge with no hassle. He don't mind what other people or children are doing, he just wants to be with us and do what we do. If I lie on a towel, this is where he will be and if I go to walk around in the water he will follow me. He has really became a perfect dog, a dog I wished for for so many years. We worked hard to achieve it and we are not finished yet, but we are making a great progress which is making me very happy.

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